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"Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,"

Rev 5:9
Wayne & Diane Baker
New Tribes Misson
Papua New Guinea
Loko Culture
1. Material Culture
2. Economic Organization
We as a family along with our partners lived among the Loko people planting churches for 15 years. In preparation for being able to affectively communicate the Gospel and plant churches among them, we spent our first two years living with them as learners. The document below is a summary of our Loko Cultural Conclusions that we wrote up as a team using a universal culture outline used by anthropologists.

As we are just starting to work among the Kaul people, the write-up entitled
Kaul, "The People" is only a introduction to them written as a team assignment for a World Wide Perspectives course.

We will be adding much more to this page as time permits.

3. Social Organization
4. Social Control
5 Political Organization
6 World View
"Reaching every tribe unitl the last tribe is reached."
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